What you shouldn't forget to include in your cover letter

18 Feb, 2013


mistakes writing a letter of recommendationA cover letter is your opportunity to tell the employer everything about you. There are lots of things that you need to include in your letter. Writing this type of letter is very simple and it needs to be straightforward if you want to make it attractive to its reader. This letter must support your resume, but you should not include information that is already written in your CV. You need to create a short letter and you need to compress everything in just one page if you want the reader to eagerly read your letter. Employer or recruiter does not want to read a letter that is too long.


This is the part of the letter where you need to write your full name as well as address. You need to write a very short first paragraph that is composed of two sentences. In this part of the letter, you need to introduce yourself and tell about the position you are applying for. You can also mention how you find out that the position if open. In case someone from the company recommend that you apply for the position, then you can mention the person’s full name. The first paragraph is one of the most important parts of your cover letter. This will determine if the reader will continue reading the letter.

Second paragraph

This is considered as the heart of your letter, so you need to make sure that you do a very good job in this part. If you are successful in this part, then you will surely get a call from the company for an interview. You must describe your skills, attributes and experiences that will help you to perform in your job well. You always need to relate everything in the position that you are applying for, so the recruiter will view you as one of the best person for the job. To gain success in this part, you need to become familiar about the position. You need to research about its job description, responsibilities and duties involve. If you have performed similar tasks, then you can use it as an edge.

Describe your previous experience

In case you have a previous working experience related to the position, then you need to clearly state and describe the job. If you do not have similar experience, then you can describe your experience in college that makes you a better person for the job. You can also tell characteristics and skills that you have acquired from your previous job that will help you to become successful in the future. It will help to include some information relevant to the company, so you will sound very interested and motivated to become part of the team.

Less is better

You must always keep your description as brief and concise as possible. The biggest mistake that you can do is including pointless autobiographical information like your marital status or anything too personal. This paragraph must compose of not longer than five sentences.


To end your cover letter, you need a very short paragraph that includes your contact information as well as a request for a job interview. You can also remind the reader that you have attached your resume together with your cover letter. Finally, you need to close it with a closing remark like “sincerely yours” and make sure that you have signed above your name.

Written by: Jose H

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