10 tips to make your resume stand out

21 Jan, 2013


tips for your resumeIt is important to write a high quality resume that will show off what you have which is the biggest part of job seeking process. In writing an effective resume, you have to be very honest with your accomplishments and with your capacity to make the company progressive.

Though there is no guarantee that your resume will be considered and that you will be hired but there are 10 tips that can be of help to you if you want to be considered for the job.

1.Consider a perfect photo

There is no need to worry about your photo because regardless if you are photogenic or not it will not matter to the employers. Employers just want to know whom they are hiring. When you want to boost your resume, there should be a photo and you should only wear business attire when you want to take a photo.

2.Don't make fun with fonts

You should always keep in mind that fonts you use on your resume can also make or break you. It's best to always be on the safe side than to be sorry later on. Business fonts are times new roman and Arial because they are readable and the ideal size is 10-12.

3.Don't write phrases, sentences are better

When you use bullet points in highlighting some important data for your resume, those points shouldn't be brief and they must be in a complete sentence. When you finish a sentence, the employer or the reader of the resume will see you as a credible job hunter based on your resume alone.

4.Use sub titles if needed as seen on resume examples

Sub titles are perfect for making your resume more organized. The employers also want readable and clear resume to read and its best to use sub titles or make it list in chronological manner which is easier to understand and readable as well.

5.Don't over decorate your resume

It's not right to over decorate your resume to make it impressive. Don't use big fonts, floral borders and don't dare make it colourful if you want to be considered for the position that you are applying.

6.Make an image through your resume

Your resume will help you make an image that will be suited for the salary that you will ask the company. You can highlight your strengths and be able to negotiate your possible salary.

7. Top down approach

You shouldn't try to impress your new employer with your achievements by putting them all in your resume. There are some who just write their achievements for the sake of writing and not for the sake of being hired.

8. Consider the paper

Choose a paper that is plain and smooth rather than using a paper with border design. Plain paper looks good and looks more professional than those that are heavily decorated.

9. Word vs. PDF file

Word or PDF file are both fine but the thing is those who are using windows XP have the possibility to not be able to open the file that you have made. You can use PDF format instead to make it look more professional and to also lessen the possibility of not being able to open your resume as well.

10. personalize your resume

Applying for a job requires you to have a resume that is well written. It shouldn't be fitted for various companies. You should make it personalize according to the need of a company. A resume shouldn't be made in a one size fits all concept.

Written by: Jose H

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