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17 Jun, 2013 || Job Applications

Best Size and Quality Image on Your Resume

Any time you apply for a new position you are trying to obtain, creating a professional resume is essential to improve your chances of being chosen as the ideal candidate for the job. When you create a resume, using a photo if you plan to work with the public is highly recommended to stand out against other individuals who are also vying for the same position. Before you place your photo within a resume, using a photo resizer such as is ideal.

photo resume

Understanding the importance of high-quality photos in your resume can make the difference between getting hired and missing an opportunity. Placing the right photos in your CV is a great way to capture the attention of a potential employer or hiring manager.

30 Jan, 2013 || Job Applications

Highlight your resume with a recommendation letter

resumeA letter of recommendation is usually written specifically to provide information about the character of the applicant and the integrity as well. It is not just used during enrolment but it is also a requirement when you apply for a job. Have you ever thought why a recommendation letter is so important? Well, cover letters are the armour of applicants because it helps in highlighting their assets and their strengths as well. If you will ask a former employer to write a recommendation letter for you, you should be confident that this person will only say nice things about you. A recommendation letter often highlights the resume so it is so important to have it when you apply for a job.

18 Dec, 2012 || Job Applications

Tips on writing an effective resume

good resume

A successful resume can give you the opportunity to get a job interview and consequently the chance to get the job you are applying for.

This document that is a presentation of you for the employers, and that shows your personal details, skills, experience, etc must be presented in the best way in order you obtain good results. So, how to write an objective for a resume? Well, in this article we describe some characteristics that your CV can have to be a successful one.

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