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7 Oct, 2014 || Work Abroad

How Learning a Foreign Language Can Help You Personally and Professionally

Whether you enjoy traveling around the world or if you want to work in different countries globally, learning a foreign language is one of the best ways to improve both your personal and professional life.

Learning a foreign language has many benefits that allow you to better communicate with people in general while also increasing the influence you have within your professional network or the industry you are working in and represent.

Personal Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

One of the biggest benefits of learning a second or third language that is not your own native is the ability to gain insight into different cultures and ways of life around the world. Having the ability to understand diversity and multiculturalism on a deeper level is a way for you to truly connect with people globally, regardless of where you are from originally yourself. Additionally, it can help to enrich the level of communication you are capable of having with other individuals from around the world, whether you are communicating online or if you are living in another country altogether.

18 May, 2014 || Job Hunting

The future looks bright for UK oil and gas recruitment

A recent report by professional services firm Ernst & Young has revealed that the oil and gas industry is worth around £35bn to the UK economy. It also said that 3,000 companies were directly involved in this line of work and employment had risen by more than 20,000 in the four years to 2012. Even though this will come as welcome news to existing employees, organisations were warned about the challenges surrounding additional recruitment and ongoing expansion. The study, commissioned by industry body Oil and Gas UK, said that hiring expert and experienced talent could be a future problem and an increase in exports would also be required to sustain growth.

17 Jun, 2013 || Job Applications

Best Size and Quality Image on Your Resume

Any time you apply for a new position you are trying to obtain, creating a professional resume is essential to improve your chances of being chosen as the ideal candidate for the job. When you create a resume, using a photo if you plan to work with the public is highly recommended to stand out against other individuals who are also vying for the same position. Before you place your photo within a resume, using a photo resizer such as is ideal.

photo resume

Understanding the importance of high-quality photos in your resume can make the difference between getting hired and missing an opportunity. Placing the right photos in your CV is a great way to capture the attention of a potential employer or hiring manager.

24 Feb, 2013 || Job Search Engines

Worst job search mistakes

job search mistakesThere is no perfect applicant but it is also important to make sure that you are well prepared to get the job. Job search mistakes can be avoided if you are on the right track.

Looking for job is one of the hardest things to do in life especially if you are very much needy these days. Do you know that there are worst job search mistakes that you must avoid if you want to get the job that you want?

18 Feb, 2013 || Job Hunting

What you shouldn't forget to include in your cover letter

mistakes writing a letter of recommendationA cover letter is your opportunity to tell the employer everything about you. There are lots of things that you need to include in your letter. Writing this type of letter is very simple and it needs to be straightforward if you want to make it attractive to its reader. This letter must support your resume, but you should not include information that is already written in your CV. You need to create a short letter and you need to compress everything in just one page if you want the reader to eagerly read your letter.

11 Feb, 2013 || Job Hunting

10 typical mistakes when writing a recommendation letter

mistakes writing a letter of recommendationThe cover letter is what usually makes an applicant win an interview. Not everyone knows that a cover letter is more important than a resume so it should be written without mistakes. If you want to get the job that you are dreaming of, your cover letter should speak for you and free from errors to get that first impression. Fresh graduates are the ones who often commit mistakes when making their cover letter. But with these 10 common mistakes to avoid, you can be confident with your cover letter.

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